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Finest handmade quality audio tube and Nixie devices

What's new in 2024 ?

DS-Audio to RIAA Converter:
A tiny supply unit adaptor, barely larger than an XXL pack of cigarettes, for everyone who is interested in an DS-Audio cartridge but doesn't want to part with the homely sound of the existing MM or MC preamplifier.
  SuperCapacitor power supply SCPS
with more than 1 Farad (1,000,000 µF) filter capacity, digital multimeter and switchable ground lift, linear post regulation. Peak current > 100 A due to low source impedance.
The following versions are in the pipeline
9 V
(5...10V) 3 A – 12 V (8...13V) 2,5 A – 15 V (11...16V) 2 A – 18 V (17...22V) 1,5 A

And currently we have in stock:

• AGNETA headphone amplifier with almost 50 % discount
• Magic Eye VU-Meter in version Mk II, also for EMM801 stereo tube
• Triode supply unit DS-Tube for optical cartridges from DS-Audio
• Passive 4-way source selector DIY kit with RF control and ALPS motorized potentiometer


I warmly welcome you to the realm of magical DIY tube electronics. Here you will find outstanding electronic creations, each representing best of class in their genre, of course, always on the basis of exceptional NOS ("new old stock") tubes.

As you can see from my CV below, I am professionally developing the highest quality kits for audiophile music reproduction, both metrologically and sonically at pinnacle level.

Furthermore, I have always been attracted by the fascinating Nixie tubes with their magical glowing charm. Here I blend the most beautiful still available tube types together with the latest technology into living electronic artworks.

No matter which genre your heart beats for, the quality of the respective circuits and components marks the top of the doable in the DIY field and can be self-confidently compete with very expensive products of the market.

Be inspired by my creations and bring to life unique treasures of audio and Nixie technology with manageable effort.

The results will satisfy your highest demands!

As a former developer and layouter of high-end audio equipment for one of the most respected German companies in the audio and studio technology (KLEIN+HUMMEL), I have always been used to explore the possibilities of circuities and components to realize a goal and -if necessary- to surpass previously suspected limits. My ambition is to achieve always the best possible sound within the given budget.

My products are characterized by the most professional and innovative circuities, which, in combination with perfectly matched components, provide a coherent solution which can compete with very expensive commercial products. Since I am a musician in addition to my experience in electro-acoustics and as a sound engineer I preserve the character of the music in electronic form, I do not only compare my audio products against its technical performance but also on their "musicality".
A perfect electro-acoustical solution will only meet my requirements if it not only achieves the best possible performance, but also transmitts the precious "aura" of music in a perfect way.

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