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Finest handmade quality audio tube and Nixie devices

...and what's in store for the New Year?

Right at the beginning of January the Magic Eye VU-Meter Mk II DIY kit is released as a new upgraded version.
As well as a 5 mm lower height in a dark red mirrored case, 15V is now used as supply voltage.
All previous tube boards with Noval socket(s) as well as the new purple board (for EMM801) can still be used.
Following many requests, the connection of a small 3.5 TRS electret microphone (even in stereo) is supported now.


As a former developer and layouter of high-end audio equipment for one of the most respected German companies in the audio and studio technology (KLEIN+HUMMEL), I have always been used to explore the possibilities of circuities and components to realize a goal and -if necessary- to surpass previously suspected limits. My ambition is to achieve always the best possible sound within the given budget.

My products are characterized by the most professional and innovative circuities, which, in combination with perfectly matched components, provide a coherent solution which can compete with very expensive commercial products. Since I am a musician in addition to my experience in electro-acoustics and as a sound engineer I preserve the character of the music in electronic form, I do not only compare my audio products against its technical performance but also on their "musicality".
A perfect electro-acoustical solution will only meet my requirements if it not only achieves the best possible performance, but also transmitts the precious "aura" of music in a perfect way.

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