Wireless GPS for Mr.Nixie and NEW PVelectronics Nixie clocks


The „Wireless GPS“ comprise a transmitter and receiver to establish a „nonwired“ link for transmitting GPS data, specially the time protocol, to your Nixie clock to keep an accurate time display all over the world.

The problem

All GPS receivers, like your car navigation system, obtain their positioning information, including time data, from several satellites. Therefore it is necessary that these modules must have a clear view to the horizon.

In your car this is not a problem as the GPS receiver is normally placed hidden behind the windscreen. But what happens at home, when you want to synchronizes your Nixie clock with the GPS time data?

All GPS receivers, even this wireless module, must be also placed near a window to obtain their data. When using a wired receiver, like the Global Sat BR-355 for example, you must span a connection cable from a window, on or near which the GPS receiver mouse is placed, to the clock’s position. This is normally not a problem unless your clock is placed in the room far away from the window. This may be unsightly or result in a tripping hazard due to the long cable.

The solution

So why not use a wireless data connection from the GPS receiver to your Nixie clock, similar to when you’re using WLAN instead of a wired ethernet connection?

Certainly, as the data from the GPS receiver will not meet at all the standards for computer networking, we cannot use the WLAN standard, especially as we need an alphanumeric display or a similar monitoring device for configuring the system.

Wireless GPS !

The Wireless GPS Module from Mr.Nixie uses the 433 MHz transmitting band to broadcast the data from a high grade integrated GPS receiver module to the ASK Receiver Module, which is connected to your Nixie clock. This enables simple unidirectional transmission, similar to when you are listening to FM radio stations. This gives a great advantage: several clocks are able to receive the data using more than one ASK Receiver Module at the same time from only one GPS Transmitter Module. So if you own more than one Nixie clock, simply connect an ASK Receiver Module to each clock and place the one and only GPS Transmitter Module on a window frame for obtaining the necessary clear view to the horizon.

A transmission distance up to 50 m is possible in an optimum environment. As the 433 MHz frequency range is used by many other devices like garage door openers, outdoor weather measuring devices etc, it is not possible to broadcast the GPS data continuously because of the possibility of interference with these other devices. To avoid interference therefore, the GPS data are normally retransmitted every two minutes for only a few seconds. During “cold start”, the initial powering up of the GPS Transmitter Module, a longer uninterrupted transmission time is enabled to allow easy setup of the ASK Receiver module(s) with your clock(s).

What you'll need ?

First you need of course a Wireless GPS Transmitter Module which is placed on a window frame or similar to have a clear view to the horizon. This module is powered from an included USB charger with three mains adapters (EU / GB / US).
This broadcast will be received from every Wireless ASK Receiver Module which is within the RF reception area.

Second you need one or more Wireless ASK Receiver Module(s), one for each clock. These modules are either fitted internally or connected via a dedicated connection cable to your Nixie Clock.

Internal ASK Receiver Module for
all Mr.Nixie clocks or...

External ASK Receiver Module with connection cable for
PVelectronics Nixie clocks

All PVelectronic kits with 1/8" TRS GPS connection jack and which are designed to be used with the wired "Micro GPS receiver" (see right hand picture) from PVelectronics will work.


Tip: If you purchase this Wireless GPS Connection for the first time we would recommend to select a Set depending on your clock version. When you want to "connect" additional Nixie clocks, simply buy only the ASK Receiver Module, needed for your additional clock(s).

Download here the Manual for the Wireless GPS

Please note:

• All modules are ready-to-go and tested
• Wireless GPS modules are not available in Germany as the DCF is a low-cost alternative.
• Dank des DCF-Signals als preiswertere Alternative werden diese Module in Deutschland nicht verkauft.
Wireless GPS Set 1: Transmitter Module with USB power supply, external ASK receiver module with 3.5 mm connection cable for PVelectronics Nixie clocks
Wireless GPS Set 3: Transmitter Module with USB power supply, internal ASK receiver module for all Mr.Nixie clocks.
GPS Transmitter Module: Transmitter Module only with USB Power Supply
External ASK Receiver Module for PVelectronics Nixie clocks
Internal ASK Receiver Module for fitting into all Mr.Nixie clocks
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