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For exact time keeping, we offer different radio time signal receivers for Mr.Nixie's clocks and also for the clocks from his partner PVelectronics. While NTP and DCF receivers are intended for Mr.Nixie clocks and are standalone components, the wireless components can also be used / ordered for PVelectronics Clocks.


DCF receiver
The proven time keeping method in Germany and neighboring European countries:
From radio station "DCF-77" in Frankfurt/Main, the time signal is continuously transmitted and received within a radius of about 1,000 km. The external DCF receiver forwards the signal to the clock for synchronization.
  • Orientation to the radio station in Mainflingen near Frankfurt is necessary
  • Unfortunately interference-prone 77.5 kHz long-wave transmission, therefore reliable synchronization only at night hours
  • During synchronization the Nixie tubes should be switched off (can be set-up in the options menu of the clocks)
  • Central European Time (CET) is transmitted with automatic switching between DST and Non-DST
  • Can be used in Germany and the neighboring European countries
  • Can not be used with the Strawberry Clock

Wireless GPS
The wireless way of time keeping, specially with multiple clocks:
The data sent by the GPS satellite system is received (similar to the car's navigation system) and converted into a 433 MHz signal, then transmitted intermittently and received from ASK modules which are either fitted into Mr.Nixie clocks or externally connected to the PVelectronics clocks.
  • Place the Wireless transmitter on a window frame with a clear view to the horizont
  • Wall outlet for powering the Wireless transmitter necessary
  • 433 MHz signal strenght up to 20 m indoor
  • Every clock must be equipped with an internal (Mr.Nixie) or external (PVelectronics) ASK module
  • One Wireless transmitter can be received by any number of clocks
  • World time (UTC) is transmitted, which means that the clocks have to be configured once for the corresponding time zone and need to be set between DST and Non-DST twice a year by pressing a button
  • Can be used worldwide, but specially intended for Export
These wireless components consist of the following devices
1.: A wireless GPS receiver with USB power supply for placement on a window frame.
2.: An ASK module (internal or external) for fitting into or connection to the clock.

If you want to use Wireless GPS synchronization for the first time, we recommend to order a Wireless Set 3 (for Mr.Nixie clocks) or a Wireless Set 1 (for PVelectronics clocks), as all necessary components are already included. Later, to expand to every new clock, you only need an internal or external ASK module.

See here a video of the very first evaluation sample of the Wireless Set.


Due to the Corona virus and the issues by several shipping services, automatic PayPal payment via basket is suspending.
Please contact first if you are interested.

RTF receiver versions

Please choose
Personal and professional advice from the manufacturer is our permission.
Therefore, please contact us via email before placing an order so that we can offer exactly the component that is tailored to your needs.

Shipping costs
Flat shipping costs within Germany of 7.50 or 8.50 EUR are added per order; shipping to "DHL-Packstation" is possible.
The prices of the DE / EU versions includes the German VAT.

Especially when shipping abroad, different shipping costs are incurred during the Corona crisis or we are convenanted to certain shipping service providers. Unfortunately, this has to be clarified manually in advance.

Handling fees
Higher handling costs for export are already included in the item price exept of import duties, taxes etc. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
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