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Jürgen Grau • Mr.Nixie

Company form: one-man business

Skype: Nixiekits

Ust-ID: DE280420280
EORI-Nummer: DE1315900

Ortsstraße 13
07429 Rohrbach
Deutschland / Germany
Tel.: 036730 / 3155 - 90
Fax: 036730 / 3155 - 89

Safety precautions:

During installation, assembling and measurements and repairs special care must be taken!
The generated voltages in tube circuits may be dangerous. Assembling the circuit is for your own risk. The kit's functionality cannot be guaranteed when assembled by the customer. No responsibility can be taken for any personal claims and damages during assembly and commission, especially for damages based on insufficient technical knowledge. The finished kit may only be operated in a solid enclosure and in non-moisture enviroments. The person who completes the kit and assembles this board into an enclosure for operation is considered by the German directive VDE 0869 as a manufacturer ,and is required to indicate their name and address including all documents when selling the device. Ready to play devices, which are assembled from kits, are counted as a safety-related industrial made product.

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