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Mr.Nixie News

Supply unit for DS-Audio cartridges

A small but fine supply unit "Made in Germany" for these new innovative optical cartridges
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New board for EMM801 Stereo magic eye

Thanks to the new purple board the Magic Eye VU-Meter can also operate with the TELEFUNKEN EMM801 Stereo magic eye tube.

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NixieTherm DIY kit

The NixieTherm DIY kit is available again.
...but finally for the very last time, as after more than 1000 sold kits there will be an end.

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Schumann-Generator jetzt auch in einem Krankenhaus in Mexico erfolgreich

Today I used the Schumann for the first time in my hospital, I didn't even hook to linear PSU and in positive it worked. Placebo or not, if if works it works! Surgery technically went easier, my mind in a flow and happy state. I can't know if the waves emitted by the Schumann did it or it was my desire for it to work and my trust in it.

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Heute habe ich den Schumann zum ersten Mal in meinem Krankenhaus benutzt, Ich habe ihn nicht einmal an ein lineares Netzteil angeschlossen, und er funktionierte einwandfrei, Placebo oder nicht, wenn es funktioniert, dann funktioniert es! Die Operation verlief technisch leichter, mein Geist war in einem fließenden und glücklichen Zustand. Ich kann nicht wissen, ob die Schumann-Wellen das bewirkt haben oder ob es mein Wunsch war, dass dass es funktioniert und mein Vertrauen in es.

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H2 Tube Harmonizer

So far a unique:
A tube H2 hamonizer with fully adjustable H2 phase from negative to positive for better depth and localization of the soundscape.

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AGNETA headphone amplifier

A very pleasuring audio device specially designed for "Tube-Rolling".

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Schumann tube wave generator

7.83 Hz Generator, based on tube design, not only recommended for music listening pleasure

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High End Phono Preamplifier DIGNA

As in the meantime the Mr.Nixie Superb Phono has become established as an insider's tip in audiophile quarters, they called for some additional features, like an easy adjustment of the matching impedance and capacitance to the cartridge. At the same time even higher demands on acoustical performances were formulated, which results in the development of an independent sonic reference.
After several months of extensive R&D time, finally such a reference has been created, which needs not to shy the comparison with the best and most expensive phono preamplifiers of the commercial market.

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STC II Tube Hybrid Power Amplifier

The STC II Power Amplifier DIY kit its "Ben Hur circuity" is available now.

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High End MC to MM Step-Up Transformer

Step Up Transformer (from DIGNA) for connecting a MC cartridge to the MM input of a Phono Preamplifier with some fine extras...

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Leon Nixie Clock Offer

Ready assembled and tested Leon Nixie Clock for our valued export customers.

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EM800 Magilyzer / Audio Spectrum Analyzer

The EM800 Magilyzer specially designed for TELEFUNKEN EM800 Magic Eye tubes and easier assembly thanks to SMD is available now.

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