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February 18th, 2018 / Desktop clock kit "Anita"

Mr.Nixie's Anita Clock is an unique single-digit desktop clock DIY kit which displays time in sequences, 10's hours, 1's hours, 10's mins and 1's mins and is made with single LED segments on a PCB which forms together a 7-segment display with 8 inch (20 cm) height. As an optical highlight the display board looks "translucent" so the digit seems to be detached in the enviroment. So you'll get an unique piece of jewelery which also serves to "de-celerate" the everyday pace of life hectic as the time can not be read just with a glance.

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February 18th, 2018 / IN-28 wall clock kit "Strawberry Clock"

Mr.Nixie's IN-28 Strawberry Clock is an unique single-digit wall clock which displays time in sequences (10's hours, 1's hours, 10's mins and 1's mins) and simulates a 7-segment display with nine IN-28 "Nixie Dots" tubes. So far, kits for these tubes are not available especially since these tubes needs to be controlled as a Thyratron. So you'll get here an unique piece of jewelery which also serves to "de-celerate" the everyday's hectic as time reading is very intuitive but still can not be caught by with a glance.

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December 8th, 2017 / New Phono Preamplifier DIGNA

As in the meantime my Mr.Nixie Superb Phono has become established as an insider's tip in audiophile quarters, they called for some additional features, like an easy adjustment of the matching impedance and capacitance to the cartridge. At the same time even higher demands on acoustical performances were formulated, which results in the development of an independent sonic reference.

After several months of extensive R&D time, finally such a reference has been created, which needs not to shy the comparison with the best and most expensive phono preamplifiers of the commercial market and it will carry the appropriate name DIGNUS. Due to the extraordinary effort for innovative circuit details and the high-grade component selection, this ultimate phono preamplifier will only be available as a ready-build plug 'n' play commercial solution on the international market.
The outstanding sonic level of this solution as well as the production effort will also be reflected in an upscaled four-digit selling price.

As the idea for the development of the DIGNUS was being made in the audiophile DIY community, it was only appropriate to offer a new phono preamplifier as a kit version featuring the technological "main genes" of DIGNUS and gives the experienced DIY now a portal to the unknown acoustical reference technology. As a reminiscence for the developmental efforts this new DIY phono preamplifier bears the beautiful name DIGNA.

The price-performance ratio of the DIGNA can be described only as "galactically" after various listening tests against established high-end top dogs and is absolute unique on the market.

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