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Fully inclusive kit with all electronical and mechanical components, 2 pcs. ECC8100 NOS TELEFUNKEN Goldpin tubes and desktop power supply with selectable mains plug.

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As in the meantime my Mr.Nixie Superb Phono has become established as an insider's tip in audiophile quarters, they called for some additional features, like an easy adjustment of the matching impedance and capacitance to the cartridge. At the same time even higher demands on acoustical performances were formulated, which results in the development of an independent sonic reference.

After several months of extensive R&D time, finally such a reference has been created, which needs not to shy the comparison with the best and most expensive phono preamplifiers of the commercial market and it will carry the appropriate name DIGNUS. Due to the extraordinary effort for innovative circuit details and the high-grade component selection, this ultimate phono preamplifier will only be available as a ready-build plug 'n' play commercial solution on the international market.
The outstanding sonic level of this solution as well as the production effort will also be reflected in an upscaled four-digit selling price.

As the idea for the development of the DIGNUS was being made in the audiophile DIY community, it was only appropriate to offer a new phono preamplifier as a kit version featuring the technological "main genes" of DIGNUS and gives the experienced DIY now a portal to the unknown acoustical reference technology. As a reminiscence for the developmental efforts this new DIY phono preamplifier bears the beautiful name DIGNA.

The price-performance ratio of the DIGNA can be described only as "galactically" after various listening tests against established high-end top dogs and is absolute unique on the market.


  • Audiophile Vishay/Dale CMF55 resistors.
  • Vishay/Sfernice conductive plastic potentio-meter for variable MC impedance control.
  • Nichicon MUSE capacitors within the audio path.
  • Lowest tolerances (1% or 2.5%) WIMA FKS2 capacitors.
  • Polymer capacitors for stabilization.
  • Power supply board just SMT pre-assembled and soldered.
  • Highest quality and MU-metal screened audio transformers, compliant with a KLEIN + HUMMEL specification to match the low output and impedance MC cartridges, are made by Haufe GmbH & Co. KG (former "Werk für Studiotechnik") in Usingen-Taunus / Germany.
  • Selectable symmetrical input for MC.
  • Gold plated and screened RCA jacks.
  • Gold plated PCB boards.
  • Power supply is assembled on an extra PCB plus extra screening board on top for perfect hum suppression.
  • Gold plated IC sockets within the audio path.
  • Passive RIAA equalization with deviation lower than 0.5 dB.
  • IEC subsonic filter @ 10 Hz
  • BURSON V6 Vivid discret build audio operational amplifier from Melbourne/Australia performs the ultra low noise 40 dB amplification and the 75 µs RIAA hights roll-off for the optimum possible sound reproduction.
  • Gold plated tube sockets./li>
  • One pair TELEFUNKEN ECC8100 Goldpin NOS frame grid dual triodes, one of the latest TELEFUNKEN developments in the 60's with interlayer free cathodes and much more than 10,000 hrs. durability are included in the kit.
  • By re-soldering two jumpers other frame grid tubes like the E88CC / ECC88 / 6DJ8 / PCC88 / 7DJ8 or 6922 can be fitted.
  • Amber tubes illumination, displays ready for operation after warming up.
  • Green back-lightened cover frame.
  • Variable 0...+3 dB amplification to compensate tolerances.
  • All internal voltages are stabilized.
  • No dangerous high voltage (max. 64 V) for the tubes supply.
  • Grounded-grid circuity of the 1st triode system gives extra 26 dB level amplification to match the following passive RIAA equalization.
  • Low impedance (150 ohms) Cathode follower outputs enabled with the 2nd triode system.
  • Switchable MM / MC amplification with stepless variable input impedance from 10...900 ohms @ MC and in 50 pF steps adjustable input capacitance from 50...400 pF @ MM with normalized impedance of 47 kohms.
  • As much as possible "Made in Germany" components are used.
  • High grade external 12 VDC switching desktop power supply is included.
  • Very low power consumption of only 9 VA.
  • Ready to play within four hrs. of assembly time.
  • Total dimensions (WxDxH): 135 x 120 x 90 mm
  • Weight: 500 g
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