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The Story behind

As in the meantime my Mr.Nixie Superb Phono has become established as an insider's tip in audiophile community, they called for some additional features, like an easy adjustment of the matching impedance and capacitance to the cartridge. At the same time even higher demands on acoustical performances were formulated, which results in the development of an independent sonic reference.
After several months of extensive R&D time such an audio reference has been created, which needs not to shy the comparison with the best and most expensive phono preamplifiers of the commercial market.
As the idea for the development was being made in the audiophile DIY community, it was only appropriate to offer a new phono preamplifier as a kit version which gives the experienced DIY now a portal to the unknown acoustical reference technology. As a reminiscence for the developmental efforts this new phono preamplifier bears the beautiful name DIGNA.
The price-performance ratio of the DIGNA can be described only as "galactically" after various listening tests against established high 4-digit priced high-end top dogs and is absolute unique on the market.
Only audiophile components have been choosen for DIGNA, creating a DIY standard that is not available on the world market in this top quality.
Another special feature is that thanks to its 3-PCB concept, the DIGNA runs absolutely hum-free even without any enclosure. This opens up a completely new ways for "case-modders" as they can now create their own housing. Appropriate mounting holes are available on the PCBs.


In addition to slide switches accessible from the top for different filament voltages
and tube types, there are now two versions available:

The DIGNA II C with fully equipped MC / MM input and same features as from the "old" DIGNA and...
the DIGNA II M whereas the expensive additional components for the MC input have been omitted
for all customers, who want to use their existing MC audio transformers or High Output MC pickups.

In the "HiFi und Lebensart" German forum you'll find a very long thread about the DIGNA...


All Versions
  • No SMD parts at all within the audio path.
  • Nichicon MUSE and LowESR capacitors.
  • Lowest tolerances (2.5% or even 1%) WIMA FKS2 capacitors.
  • Gold plated RCA jacks.
  • Gold plated precision IC sockets.
  • Gold plated tube sockets.
  • Power supply is assembled on an extra PCB plus extra screening board on top for perfect hum suppression.
  • Variable input capacitance from 50...400 pF in 50 pF steps.
  • Fixed MM input impedance 47 kohms.
  • Variable 0...+2 dB extra amplification
  • Splitted passive RIAA equalization with less than 0.5 dB deviation.
  • 75 µs equalization with 3.18 µs roll-off (RIAA Enhanced Mode) in the first stage.
  • 3180 µs and 318 µs passive equalization in the second stage.
  • Passive subsonic filter @ 5 Hz.
  • Low impedance (150 ohms) Cathode follower output.
  • As much as possible "Made in Germany" components incl. assembly are used.
OP-Amp rolling ready
  • The OP275 from Analog Device can easy be replaced with an alternative JFET dual operational amplifier.
Tubes rolling ready
  • The recommended ECC8100 Goldpin dual triodes (TELEFUNKEL label but OEM Siemens) can be replaced by frame grid tubes with similar technical datas.
  • Two slider switches selects the socket connection for ECC8100 or the 88's / 189's tube series.
  • Another slider switches selects two possible filament voltages: 6.3 V for all E-types and 7.4 V for P-types.
  • Amber* illuminated front bezel and king-blue* (* other colours on request) tubes illumination shows working condition.

Extras only on DIGNA Version C
  • Switchable MM or MC amplification (42 or 60 dB @ 1 kHz) and impedance.
  • MC amplification with transformer and switchable ground-free balanced or unbalanced MC input.
  • Switchable ground-free symmetrical input for MC.
  • Potentiometer for variable MC impedance from 15...900 ohms.
  • High End MU metall screened MC step-up audio tranformers from Haufe GmbH & Co. KG, Made in Usingen/Germany, compliant to a specification from KLEIN + Hunmmel.

Technical Data

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz...20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB RIAA deviation.
  • Signal-to-noise-ratio: 85 dB @ MM, 78 dB @ MC (w/ ECC8100).
  • Amplification @ 1 kHz: 42 dB @ MM, 60 dB @ MC (w/ ECC8100), 3 dB adjustable.
  • Output impedance: 150 ohms (w/ ECC8100).
  • Input capacitance MM: 50 pF switchable steps from 50 ... 400 pF.
  • Input impedance MM: 47 kOhm fixed.
  • Input Impedance MC: 15 ... 900 Ohm stepless variable.
  • Selectable filament voltage: 6.3 V or 7.4 V.
  • 78 V Anode voltage as also all other internal voltages are stabilized.
  • DC-Input: 5.5/2.1 jack, 15 V / 1 A, high quality power supply is included.
  • Power consumption: 12 watts w/ ECC8100.
  • Dimensions in total: 135 x 120 x 90 mm.
  • Weight: 500 g.


Fully assembled and tested device incl. power supply with mains plug depending on your country, but without tubes

Version / Shipping to
Please note: Shipping to non EU countries is accomplished by DHL Priority.
If needed: 2 pcs. of tubes / Shipping to
During the Corona crisis we need to check the shipping costs individually for every country.
So please contact me at first when you'll ordering. Thank you
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