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Complete electronic kit incl enclosure and Z580M Nixie tube

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MiniUSB power supply / cable

Mains plug
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This is the eye-catcher for your home or as a "living night light":
All digits / characters of the tube are displayed with variable changing speed and digit fading effect. In addition, a LED tube's lighting with variable colour gives an extra nice optical effect.

This kit is also ideal for all beginners who want to familiarize oneself with the Nixie-Technique, as the kit is not too complex and all tiny SMT parts are just assembled and pre-soldered.

Z580M :   n - p - T - G - M - k - m - µ

The russian IN-19 as also shown in the video are not available anymore.

Tip: If you don't like the red paint, you can easily remove it without chemicals: Heat water to 50 degrees with a drop of dish soap and submerge the tube for 10 minutes. Then you can simply peel off the laquer as like with an onion.


  • Can be powered from 5V USB
  • No noticable self heating
  • Soft fading of the characters
  • Adjustable fading speed
  • Adjustable LED tube's lighting: red / green / blue / amber / pink / cyan / violett / off / auto colour change
  • Z580M or IN-19 can be used
  • Only a few through hole parts must be fitted manually

What you'll need:

  • Around 1 hour of your time with no hurry
  • A clear, well-lit area in which to work
  • Soldering station and fine electronic solder
  • Electronic tools
  • A loupe may be helpful
  • TX10 (Torx) and PH1 screwdriver
  • Download of the manual
  • Enjoyment of your work of course and last but not least an USB port on your PC or an USB charger to power up your Ornament
  • Dimensions: Ø 60 mm x 20 mm height plus 45 mm for Z580M or 50 mm for IN-19
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