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The DC-Cleaner purifies the operating voltage generated by switching power supplies from high-frequency and rapid charging pulses and also provides an extremely low output impedance to supply your devices with pure DC voltage without audible interference.

The DC-Cleaner is simply daisy-chained into the power supply connection from the existing mains power supply to the device and remains permanently switched on, invisible behind your devices in the rack, thanks to its low standby consumption and size.
Good to know: This is not a line filter. It does not eliminate the interference that the switching power supply generates on the AC mains side.
For this purpose there are sufficient mains filters from various manufacturers available on the market.

It is a DC voltage filter and reduces interference that can affect the device supplied by the switching power supply.

Here is a brandnew test.

The Background

In spring 2009, the EU Commission issued Regulation 278/2009, which mainly focuses on "the power consumption of external power supplies at no load and their average efficiency in operation".
In this regulation, limiting values were defined in that way, that they could no longer be met by the analog voltage regulated power supplies that were still often used in the past and the manufacturers therefore need to change to switched-mode power supplies.
In the following years, the standard was even strengthened in its requirements.

From this aspect, no small appliances with a conventional power supply unit that does not have its own "hard" power switch is offered as standard today.

Not only because of lowering logistics cost (one power supply for all mains voltages worldwide) but also because of the economical pressure, switching power supplies of such a quality are unfortunately used nowadays, that they will only meet the required minimum level of interference suppression and there have negative effects on the audio quality.

It also becomes unpleasant if you want to turn on your devices with the remote control, but have previously switched them off on the large analog power supplies on the rack and now have to wait for booting. So you just want to have back "your switching power supplies" that these devices are always supplied with standby power, but of course without the sound issues during operation and without a high electricity charge.

And - it really works if you think outside the box. And so Mr.Nixie has developed the DC-Cleaner, assembled with the highest quality components - which are necessary to eliminate the the interferences adequately.

This unimpressive tiny box may not perform miracles, but it is able to refine a "reasonable" switching power supply with a nearly interference-free DC voltage source and an extremely low source impedance together with the feature, that it can always remains connected in standby mode due to its low power consumption. And it makes itself very small and discrete behind the rack - in contrast to the audio experience during operation.

But not only audio components will profit from the cleaned supply. Does your router crash once every few weeks and have to be restarted by pulling the power plug? Just plug in the passive DC-Cleaner. The also applies to all other small power devices, e.g. a network switch, a WLAN radio or even the small "roaring cubes" loudspeakers beside your computer monitor.

Preventing differential tones and intermodulation products

What sounds so "bulky" technically can be explained as follows:

In most devices, additional switching converters are used internally to supply the digital components with lower operating voltage (usually 5V or 3.3V), for example the WLAN or Bluetooth module, the display, the audio converters themselves, etc.
But these voltage converters also generate switching peaks on their own converter frequency on the supply voltage rail. A lthough both frequencies (those of the "poor" external power supply and the internal) are normally far outside the audible range, they can come closer together in such a way that the difference in these switching frequencies falls within the audible range. And that is the often indefinable "swirling" or whistling in quiet passages or during quiet periods. This "quiescent noise", which should normally only be white noise, is unfortunately absolutely unpredictable and can occur in different frequency mixtures, which also fluctuate.

Intermodulation products ultimately occur when such differential tones collide with the music signal and cause the "impure" and rough sound - by forming new tones, but this time they are oriented towards the AF. And this ultimately creates a kind of "haze bell" of unsightly discordant tones that cloud the music.

And this is where the DC-Cleaner comes in. Its extremely low source impedance also stabilizes the operating voltage inside the device from the outside and provides the necessary current for the switching peaks of the internal converters. At the same time, the peaks generated by the external power supply unit are no longer allowed to pass through to the device. This effectively prevents differential tone generation of at least 30 dB, and should there still be some in theory, it is in any case attenuated by this 30 dB or even 40 dB (with the active version) and then disappears really inaudibly in the normal background noise.

In the end, we kill several birds with one stone:

Energy Saving
By enabling you to keep your existing switched-mode power supply with its low standby consumption and high efficiency, you are also helping to protect the environment and conserve resources for future generations.
No time-consuming booting necessary
Your device and the remote control receiver will remain powered and the electronics will be ready for immediate operation.
No space wasted
The DC-Cleaner makes itself very small behind your devices due to its size.
Clear and pure sound
Not only by filtering the interference frequencies generated by the external power supply unit, but also through the additional stabilization of the internal supply voltage, the DC-Cleaner ensures clear and stable conditions and drastically reduces the interference in the audio range caused by switching frequencies.
Here you can downolad the PDF


  • In small batches handcrafted in Germany, solered with leadfree Silver tin and with components acquired - and if possible produced - in Germany, as what you'll get from China, you can actual find not only in the Fake Corona protective masks deliveries but also that you are interested in the DC-Cleaner at all.
  • Extremely low 10 milliohm source impedance.
  • DC input 5.5/2.1-2.5 mm jack socket
  • Coaxial connecting cable with 1qmm conductor cross-section and 1.5 m length.
  • DC plug on cable with 5.5/2.1 mm (5.5/2.5 mm optional)
  • With dimensions of only 56 x 56 x 24 mm it makes itself very compact behind the rack.
  • Extremely low own power consumption of 0.1 to 0.3 watts in standby.
  • Interference suppression of max. 30 dB or 40 dB at 80 kHz depending on the version.

  • Two versions are offered

  • Green DC-Cleaner as plug-and-play solution for retrofitting an existing switching power supply with 5.5/2.1-2.5 mm DC plug, output cable of your choice and max. 30 dB noise suppression.
  • Active Green DC-Cleaner with 12 V / 2 A output voltage, output cable of your choice, with high-quality 15 V switching power supply as replacement for an existing power supply (other output voltages on request) and 40 dB noise suppression.


A note on this: The switching power supply used for the measurement is already excellent in terms of Technical Data, but the sensitivity on the oscilloscope had to be increased extremely so that after filtering by the DC-Cleaner you can still see a reaction on the screenshot.

Ohne Filter direkt am Netzteil gemessen Passive DC-Cleaner Version Aktive DC-Cleaner Version

From left to right: unfiltered signal taken directly from the power supply / filtered with Green DC-Cleaner / filtered with Active DC-Cleaner


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