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Manuals of actual Products

DIGNA High End Phono Preamp

• Assembly Manual Deutsch  • English
• Owner Manual

Lars/Lena/Laura Nixie Clocks

• Assembly Manual
• Owner Manual

NixieTherm SMD

• Assembly Manual Deutsch  • English
• Owner Manual

Nixie Ornament

• Assembly Manual

Wireless GPS

• Owner Manual

Manuals of discontinued Products

Magic Eye Winker

• Assembly Manual

Superb Power Supply

• Assembly Manual

Stock clearence

Often we can offer different types of tubes from overstock for special prices. If you are interested, don't hesitate but contact us.

Currently we have an overstock of the following types:

Nixie tubes
IN-2, IN-4 and ZM1100/ZM1180/ZM1182

VFD tubes:
IV-8 and ICL1-1/8

Magic Eye tubes
DM70, DM71, EAM86 and UM80 (similar EM80, but with 19V 100mA filament voltage)

Amplifier tubes:
6N1-P russian dual triodes (similar ECC85) and 6080 General Electric power dual triodes
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