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EN Superb MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

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The Superb PP is fully sold out. The successor is the DIGNA


The best of both worlds, semiconductors and tubes: These contrasts were perfectly matched in a tried and tested way within this brandnew Grounded Grid tube Phono-Preamplifier from Mr.Nixie:
The LT1115 operational amplifier from Linear Technologies* with low impedance feedback exclusively boosts the phono signal level for 40/60 dB withultra low noise and distortions to line level and gives the first RIAA stage equalization with 75µs deemphasis.
A frame grid dual triode performs the signal conditioning: The first system is connected as grounded grid amplifier and gives in addition to the levelshift an extra 25 dB amplification for the following 2 stage passive RIAA equalization.
The second system of the dual triode is used as a low impedance cathode follower output stage.
Thanks to this special circuity the tubes do not need any screening caps and can be mounted visible on top of the enclosure.

This is your opportunity to build yourself such a noble and absolute lowest-noise tube phono preamplifier on a smooth evening.

* Lowest noise operational amplifier available on the world market in DIP-8 package


  • Based on the LT1115 from Linear Technologie, the lowest noise operational amplifiers available on the world market (0,9nV√ Hz) in DIP-8 package
  • True Class-A operation of the LT1115, adjustable quiescent current
  • Dual-Mono for optimum channel separation
  • Gold plated and shielded RCA jacks
  • Gold plated PCB
  • Gold plated IC sockets
  • Gold plated tube sockets
  • Triple board construction for optimal screening
  • Black anodized Aluminium enclosure
  • Passive 2 stage RIAA equalization
  • Passive IEC subsonic filter @ 5 Hz
  • 1% YAEGO Metal Film resistors
  • 2.5% WIMA Polypropylene capacitors for the RIAA-Equalization
  • No SMT parts within the audio path, only through hole components
  • Voltage converter (SMT design) just pre-assembled
  • All internal generated voltages are stabilized
  • Ground-Lift switch to prevent hum
  • The frame grid tubes ECC88 / PCC88 / 6N23-P or the noble TELEFUNKEN ECC8100 GOLDPIN can be fitted
  • Ocean blue tubes illumination
  • Low impedance triode cathode follower outputs
  • Highest overdrive capacity
  • Selectable MM / MC with impedance and capacitance adjustment
  • 47kΩ / 220pF or 130Ω / 2.4nF load selectable
  • No dangerous Anode voltage for the tubes (max. 58 V)
  • Choose your favourite tube type when ordering
  • Incl. Lead Forming Tool
  • Can be assembled ready-to-use within 3 hours

Dimensions (WxDxH): 135 x 95 x 40 mm
with tubes: Height 90 mm
Weight: 360 gr with tubes



...After putting the electronics in the enclosure, it was around midnight on a Friday night. Weekend, so no alarm clock at an early hour. Time to unplug the old phono amplifier (, as bought with my Rega RP3 a few years ago) and see/hear if all the hard work paid off.
Wow. I’ve spent quite some evenings re-listening to my record collection since then. It is a whole new experience.
I can’t (and will not try to) describe it in detail, but, yes, that is one thing, there is more detail, more separation of sounds.
I think that is the most important improvement compared to my old phono pre-amp. The other most important, most noticeable improvement is more warmth. Even harder to describe that; maybe it is just me wanting to hear this, the idea that I should hear it, but… no, I’m really hearing it. So, I wanted to say, after almost a week of listening, I really enjoyed putting together the pre-amp and, even more, I am enjoying the sound of it.
Only part of it is my own work (just putting it together), most of it is yours. Thank you for a job well done!

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