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Due to many requests from clients, we have developed this first class and super low noise power supply kit for our Headphone amp as well as our Superb Phono preamp.

For sure you can also connect the power supply to other 12 / 15 VDC devices of your equipment.

This is a no nonsense power supply, without any gimmicks or bling. It has been carefully designed, using high quality components, to ensure a stable and noiseless power source.
Our aim was to provide a low noise and super clean power supply, with a high current rating. The result is this first class power supply, with absolutely no noise or hum. Even when pushed to its limits, this power supply remains totally quiet.
By using a pcb mounted 24VA power transformer pcb mount power cable receptacle, no hard wiring is required in the construction of this power supply.
We paid particular attention in keeping this power supply cool, and to that end, the aluminum chassis acts as a giant heat sink for the power supply, the result being that even at a 70% load factor at 12V (which forces the maximum power loss across the voltage regulator), the temperature is kept at 40 degrees Celsius - see thermographic picture on top of this page.
Power dissipation at maximum continuous operation at 12 or 15V is 18W , (1.5A at 12V or 1.2A at 15V). The high efficiency voltage regulator together with 10,000uF of filtration, ensures a spike free and clean power supply even at high load factors!
A self-resetting thermal fuse together with two 250mA build-in mains fuses provides full protection for any overload or short circuit conditions.
As is commonly used in recording studios, a ‘ground lift’ switch is provided, allowing the user to control or eliminate any possible ground loops with connected equipment or on the other hand, link the connected devices to ground. A LED on the front panel indicates if ground is lifted or not.
All switches have been recessed, in order to avoid any accidental actuations.
The majority of components, including the black aluminum chassis from Fischerelektronik, are ‘Made In Germany’, keeping with our tradition of supporting local industries!


Dangerous mains voltage is present on the board! It is mandatory for testing the board to connect it to an (adjusting) mains-isolating transformer to avoid electrical hazard. The device may not connected to mains if the board is not assembled into the enclosure.


  • Selectable 115 or 230 V~ mains voltage
  • Selectable 12 or 15 V= output voltage
  • Max. 18 VA output power
  • Ground Lift switch with status LED to prevent ground loops or for grounding the connected devices.
  • Recessed switch placement to prevent unwanted adjustment
  • Aluminium enclosure for best heat dissapation.
  • Max. enclosure temp. during full load 40°C
  • High grade Panasonic LowESR SMT capacitors with finally 10,000 µF capacitance
  • 5 A low drop linear voltage regulator
  • For noise suppression:
    Line filter (L-C combination) at mains input
    Common-mode choke at DC output
    (Pi-filter with 2 x 470 µF capacitors)
  • Self-resettable thermo-fuse (Polyfuse) to prevent damage during overload
  • All parts (if possible) incl. the enclosure are "Made in Germany"
  • DC cable with 5,5/2,1 mm plug – 2 m lenght
  • 8 Adapter Plugs available
  • Dimensions: 135 x 54 x 162 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg


Complete electronic kit incl enclosure

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